Daily Intention Notepad

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A Journal To Help You Live Each Day More Intentionally

Want to live every day with more purpose and more intention? Each new day offers you an opportunity to create the life you desire. Filling in this journal daily allows you to begin the day with introspection, so you can reflect and plan your day-to-day activities and highlight what is most important. Our intentional daily journal helps you start every day more grounded and centered.

Use This Notepad To...

  • Center and ground yourself each day.
  • As a tool in your journey to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Ground yourself every day, so your mind and spirit can face and challenges that may arrive.
  • As a tool for personal growth through daily reflection.

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6*9 inches


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Today's intention
Grateful For
Vision & Goals
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Top Priorities
Self-Care & Enjoyment