About Modern Love

The Modern Love Mission

We're on a mission of inspiring women to believe in their fullest potential and empower them to take action in building the intentional life of their dreams. Modern Love is here to provide products to people who have a zest for life and who don't settle for anything less than a life that they love.

Those are our kind of people - and it's our job to support all of the dreamers in crafting their extraordinary lives.


Once upon a time...

Meet Seyoung, the founder of Modern Love. That's her up there ↑

Modern Love began as a result of Seyoung's own journey to building a life that she loves. With a deep love of self-improvement and growth, Seyoung always had a clear vision of where she wanted to go next in the journey of living a fulfilling and intentional life.

Along her journey of chasing her dreams, she came across several bumps in the road: pressure from family to make other (unaligned) choices, inner voices of self-doubt, to discouraging voices in society nudging her to abide by "the norms" and stay realistic.

In the sea of discouragement, Seyoung asked herself the question that started it all: "Where is the infrastructure and support for individuals to build their wildest, intentional, and fulfilling lives?"

Seyoung began Modern Love as an inspiring tool & support system to those on the journey of building the life of their dreams. 

Because one thing is for sure - we all shine the brightest when we are living our intentional, mindful lives by design. We hope that each Modern Love product will remind you of that.

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