We're here to help you walk intentionally towards your dream life

Beliefs to help you grow

Modern Love is on a mission to help you build an intentional and mindful life. Our 40 positive affirmation cards helps you do just that. Use it to practice mindfulness, believe in your own potential, and stay inspired about your dreams.

An Intentional Day

Each day is an opportunity to do, feel, and create all that you dream of. Our notepad strives to help you make of each day by allowing you to start the day with intention.

Our deck's journey

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An ode to ambitious women

We interviewed a group of women and asked about their big dreams. Each affirmation was written based on their unique stories.

Driven by our community

We brought every decision to our community, and they answered: each decision was made with their honest input.

Ready to inspire

Our cards are ready to inspire dreamers like you by infusing more mindfulness & positive belief systems into your life.