A Mindfulness Tool for Individuals with Big Hopes & Dreams

Reaching your goals and success is about more than simply taking action - it should be coupled with the belief systems that can get you there. 

Our Positive Affirmation cards were created by examining the belief systems we need for success. We interviewed 20 ambitious women and asked them, "What are your big dreams, and what beliefs do you wish you had to help you achieve them?"

We took their stories and transformed them into positive affirmations created for dreamers. Inspired by real women, let our affirmation cards be the support and reminder to know that you aren't alone in your self doubt, and allow it to empower you along your journey to building a life that you love.


Use our affirmation cards to:
- Instill positive belief systems
- Relieve stress and anxiety
- Set mindful intentions each day
- Meditate or journal upon each message

Product Details:
- 40 positive affirmation cards
- Gold foil stamping
- Magnetic card box


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